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Bazarbizar has an eye for its customers, therefore the products in the shop are discounted by 10% 50% and the VAT is paid by the shop owner. Plus, shipping is free.
The site I offer a wide range of body care products, perfumes and household cleaners, costume jewelery. I supply myself directly with the producers, in order to obtain the best price, minimizing intermediation costs.

Offer and discounts on the website
1.FREE Shipping. Additional 10% DISCOUNT enter the code HM763DG11S with a purchase of less than € 50.00
2. Prices inclusive of VAT

1. Italian company Chogan:
I offer a wide range of body care products, home fragrances and cleaners, costume jewelery.
Become a consultant with a 50% discount plus commission. Profit on sale 100%
the direct link to register.
Enter the sponsor code to register: HUEA96

For information contact me.

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Chogan: is a multi-certified Italian company that allows us to work from home and from anywhere, the only work tool is a computer, tablet or smartphone. It produces 4000 products for daily use and allows us with only 15 € to have a real, professional job, with ZERO management costs. All management costs are borne by the Company, now known throughout Europe for ethics and seriousness! Being subject to the Law on Network Marketing, Chogan's earnings DO NOT cumulate with other income and we do NOT have the obligation to submit a tax return, as the latter are already taxed at source (ie by the Company). We are paid by prepaid card, generally Postepay Evolution. The profit is 50% and the consultant discount is also 50%, in this we are UNIQUE IN EUROPE!
To start working, just REGISTER on the site (the Company will ask you to attach the identification documents). FIRST STEP REGISTRATION: You need to ENTER THE WEBSITE  click on the top right on: arrow_right :, then on the flag of the country of residence, then on CONSULTANT. Access code [ HUEA96 ] will be requested once registered you will have 30 days to place your first order, and insert the € 15 start kit (which includes perfume testers of Great Brands and catalogs) which is associated with your CODE CONTACT. With this code, if you want, you can also give work to other people, earning additional commissions from 4% to 30% on your and your network's turnover! To take your first steps in this work we have a constant support wzp group to which you can contact with any questions.
video presentation of CHOGAN Company

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1. The website guarantees the protection of the privacy and rights of its customers and guarantees the correct processing of their data in compliance with the laws in force.

2. The customer expressly accepts the rules on the processing of personal data by attracting registration on the website of

FREE shipping with tracking

1.Delivery time: FREE shipping to Europe 3-4 working days. (The order will be "processed" the following day)

2. In Europe, if the customer lives in an inconvenient area or with suboptimal coverage of the logistics service, it may take 5-6 business days for delivery.

3. The product will be sent to the address indicated by the customer at the time of purchase, thus allowing it to be sent to its end customers.

4. Shipping and delivery throughout Europe. Transport agencies available: express courier, UPS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX, GLS, Seur DPD, Correos, Dachser, etc ... Urgent shipping with parcel tracking.

5. Shipping to Europe
Italy, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary 

The site owned by Hussain Muhamad Kho

Viale Campi Elisi 17 Trieste 34143 Italy

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Enter the sponsor code to register: HUEA96

Follow the link to write me on WhatsApp:

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