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Dear Consultants, info & Promotions for you



Dear Consultants,
a week ago you were presented with the brand new SuppleFit project by Chogan Group.
A new market, a new lifestyle and above all a great opportunity for all of you Chogan Consultants.
Today we want to show you, with a short video, all the benefits that SuppleFit has reserved for your career, as well as for your well-being.
Take a few minutes, dedicate some of your time to this video that will change your life.
Good day
Staff Chogan

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Dear Consultants,

today a new Chogan era begins with the official launch of the SuppleFit by Chogan Group brand.

SuppleFit is our new project that puts the spotlight on nutrition and supplementation aimed at physical and mental wellbeing that will greatly expand the earning and career opportunities for you who are already Chogan Consultants.

Our advice for making the most of the SuppleFit opportunity?

Purchase the Advisor Kit today, incredible benefits await you:

1: all SuppleFit products and merchandising will be yours at an exclusive price;

2: for all subsequent orders you will have a 30% discount from the list price;

3: you can enroll Direct Customer (Customers) and new SuppleFit Advisors (Consultants) and also start your climb to the Marketing Plan in SuppleFit that you find explained in the relative online file.

4: But the most important thing is that, by purchasing your Advisor Kit by November 30, you will keep your Chogan network in SuppleFit too: so if today, or in the future, your Chogan downlines become Direct Customers or SuppleFit Advisors, their and purchases and their sales will automatically be included in your network turnover!

5: And it does not end there, because being a Chogan and SuppleFit Consultant will allow you to access the company management area much faster.

6: The network turnover of Chogan and SuppleFit will in fact be added together in order to reach the qualifications from the Stone Club to rise.

7: Here is an example: if you are a 20% with 8,000 points in Chogan and you also become a 20% SuppleFit with 8,000 points (and the sum of the lines is at least 3) it means that in total you have 16,000 points.

8: In terms of qualification you are therefore an Amethyst, it being understood that the commissions and the entrepreneurial difference will be calculated separately for each brand and for each line.

9: In addition, many other benefits await you such as the Share For Free promo and the Spill Over that you find explained in detail in the SuppleFit Marketing Plan.

10: For detailed information, please visit the business documents section of the SuppleFit website where you will find Marketing Plan and Presentation of opportunities. Click here to access now!

11: In addition, in the “About us” section, the presentation video of the project will also be waiting for you and will soon be available in French!

How to log into SuppleFit:

Your SuppleFit login details are the same as those of Chogan, you can also access the SuppleFit product catalog directly from the Chogan app.

How to do?

1: click on the computer icon at the top (to the right of your sponsor code);

2: click on the SuppleFit icon;

3: explore all our product categories from the menu and choose the ones that suit you best.

For more information on the project and the products, we also invite you to read the SuppleFit FAQ on the site.

Your new adventure can begin!

We remind you that from today sales are open to all:

Chogan consultants who buy the kit and become SuppleFit Advisor;

Chogan consultants who do not purchase the Kit and new Direct Customers (purchase at list price);

New SuppleFit Advisors;

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of SuppleFit products right away.





Dear Consultants,

we inform you about an important news regarding new Chogan members as Consultants: starting from this moment, those who register as Consultants will have 60 days (instead of 30) to purchase the sample kit.

After 60 days without purchasing the Kit, the user registered as a Consultant will be automatically converted into a Customer.

We remind you that it is always possible to convert the profile from Customer to Consultant: just follow the appropriate procedure and purchase the kit to get an important 50% discount on the products in the Chogan catalog.

Thanks for the attention,

Staff Chogan

Dear Consultants,

we are pleased to inform you of a new, unmissable promotion: from this moment and until 08:00 on 21/09/2020 our Home Care Bundle 2 + 1 free will be active: by purchasing 3 Chogan home fragrances you will benefit from an equal discount 33% equivalent to 1 free perfumer, 50% provisionable.

Chogan perfumers, thanks to the action of the elegant wooden sticks, give the environment a personal and unique touch.

The diffusion of essences will make your home a more welcoming and soothing place, where you can easily relax and recharge with new energy

Thanks for the attention,

Staff Chogan

Dear Consultants,
we are pleased to inform you about a new, unmissable, initiative dedicated to the theme "Protection": from this moment, by purchasing the Chogan full visor in PVC (code VIN001) with adjustable and removable front band, you will receive a welcome and very useful gift.
We are talking about the Chogan hand sanitizing gel cream (code GI02): designed to thoroughly sanitize and hydrate the skin of the hands without rinsing, it acts quickly leaving the hands hydrated and perfumed. Once you've tried it, you won't be able to do without it.
The promotion will be valid until 08:00 of 21/09/2020 while stocks last and will not be valid for cumulative orders. It will instead be valid on multiples as long as they are present in the same order, so if you buy for example 5 visors you will receive 5 free gifts and so on.
For orders shipped to Italy there is an exemption from VAT as indicated in article 124 D.L. 34/2020.
NB: the free product will not be visible in the cart but only in the order confirmation email.

Thanks for the attention,
Staff Chogan

Dear Consultants,
we are pleased to inform you that from today the Chogan make-up sponges have a completely new graphic design!
Easy to use, practical and versatile in every situation: the make-up sponge guarantees an always fresh and luminous effect.
Its strategic egg shape allows you to follow the facial features and reach the most difficult areas.
In addition to applying foundation, it is also ideal for applying concealer as well as illuminating, bronzer, eyeshadow and blush. It is a great tool for making professional makeup.
It is hypoallergenic: especially in the case of sensitive skin, this product protects the skin from bacteria that lurk inside the bristles of the brushes.
Furthermore, compared to classic brushes, the Chogan make-up sponge is softer and softer, does not retain product in the pores, is easy to clean and can be disinfected with a simple antibacterial spray.


01/09/2020 - TYPE: TURNOVER

Start date: 01/09/2020 - 01:00
Closing date: 30/09/2020 - 22:00
Type: The winner is whoever has the highest direct turnover by buying products (sample kits are excluded)
The winners of the contest are all those consultants who from the start date of the contest until the end of the current month have the highest Direct Turnover excluding the Direct Turnover derived from the purchases of privileged customers and derived from the purchase of sample kits.

Prize up for grabs: 1st CHOICE PRIZE
Tablet 10 Inch IPS GOODTEL Tablets Android WiFi and 4G LTE, 32 GB ROM + 3 GB RAM Quad Core, 64 GB Expandable, Dual SIM Call Dual Camera GPS Bluetooth Media, Red

120 € of Chogan jewels catalog price. 



Dear Consultant,

From today the new Special Promo Cashback reserved for you is active!
On every single order you place from this moment on, paying by card or with a bonus, you will be able to get a credit that will vary according to the active points of the order placed. In particular:

• From 0 to 49 points: you will have a cashback equal to 5% of the order value. For example: if you place an order equal to 45 active points you will have a discount voucher of € 2.25, to be used in the next order at the latest by the end of the following month;

• From 50 to 99 points: you will have a cashback equal to 10% of the order value. For example: if you place an order equal to 95 active points you will have a discount voucher of € 9.50 to be used in the next order at the latest by the end of the following month;

• From 100 active points up: you will have a cashback of € 20. For example: if you place an order equal to 100 active points you will have a discount voucher of 20 euros to be used in the next order at the latest by the end of the following month.

You will be able to spend the credit obtained immediately, with the next order, as long as it is made by the end of the month following the issue of the cashback.


If you place an order in March that entitles you to cashback, it will be redeemable on one of your orders placed by the end of April. The next order, in which to use the cashback, must have a value in active points equal to at least six times the value of the cashback.


I have a Cashback of € 10, to spend it I have to place an order of points equal to 6 times its value. So: € 10 x 6 = 60 points. The Cashback of 10 € / active points will be applied to the value in euros and active points of the order.


I have a Cashback of € 20, to spend it I have to order points equal to 6 times its value. So: € 20 x 6 = 120 points. The Cashback of 20 € / active points will be applied to the value in euros and active points of the order.

During the same month you will be able to receive more cashback vouchers if the orders you place comply with the conditions listed above, but you can only use one voucher at a time, on separate orders.

This promotion can also be combined with the "Free Shipping" promo, available here. consultabile qui

Discover the Cashback promo reserved for you!
Click here :

For further information, click here! clicca qui! 

Thanks for collaboration,

Staff Chogan

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